Mireille de Jong (1981) is a self-taught artist. She was born with a pencil in her hand and has been drawing since then. Mireille is an illustrator, designer and painter.

2019 Group expo paintings at See you at Art Festival
2019 Design for Kitsch Kitchen Amsterdam
2019 Group Expo Open Ateliers Noord
2019 Print Design (Kitsch Kitchen Amsterdam)
2019 Publication illustration (Flow Magazine Calender)
2018 Illustrations in shop (Toon)
2018 Expo painting (Galerie Salon West)
2017 Expo painting (Summer Show Nieuw Dakota)
2014 Expo illustrations and photography (The Thinking Hut)
2013 Expo illustrations (The Arts Factory Las Vegas)
2013 Expo illustrations and photography (Cafe Beter en Leuk)
2012 Expo photography (Holy Ravioli)
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